Graduated with a Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the Cancun Institute of Technology, Pedro A. González is a lifelong enthusiast of the Internet, science, technology, digital culture and social innovation development, with experience in robotics, IoT, event production, project management, and content creation.

Awards & Fellowships

Winner in different challenges, grants, and prizes being recognized as an innovator and youth talent of the academic, civil society, private industry, and government community at a local, regional, national and international level.

Events Participation

Activities related to science, education, technology, research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Toronto, Argentina and all over México, including invitations to Harvard, MIT, and UN.


These are the projects in which I am mainly involved.

kid wearing google cardboard vr glasses in rural classroom


President & Co-Founder

Mexican non-profit that promotes the preservation of the Mayan culture through digital education and connectivity in rural communities of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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group of people listening to a conference inside techgarage


Innovation Program Manager

Technology Park in Cancun with software, innovation and knowledge-based environment that seeks to boost the creative and tech industry in the state of Quintana Roo.

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cerebro digital logo

Cerebro Digital

Business Development

Collective learning community that promotes education through digital media content in the field of science and technology with more than 4 million global followers.

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internet society mexico chapter logo

Internet Society

Mexico Chapter Member

Community networks and IoT projects development for an open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for everyone.

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CANIETI Southeast
Affiliated member
Acustik Radio
Weekly technology news
Incuvita Tech Ventures
Associated Consultant
Pitch Awards
Organizer Team
Pecha Kucha Nights
Cancun City Organizer
FuckUp Nights
Cancun Local Team
Cancun Tech City
Founding Member
Centro Evaluador México
Identity, branding and web design
Identity, branding and web design
  • Pedro A. González giving a conference
  • Pedro A. González giving a conference
  • Pedro A. González giving a conference
  • Pedro A. González giving a conference
  • Pedro A. González giving a conference


During my experience I have been invited as speaker, lecturer, workshop facilitator, and even as host during all kind of activities, at universities, for the private and public sector.


  • Innovation & Digital Culture
  • Startups development and 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Experiences with robotics, IoT, AI/ML, VR/AR
  • Software Dev: NodeJS, Python, React, Git/GitHub
  • Microcontrollers: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NodeMCU
  • Motivational speaking
  • Personal branding
  • Youth & technology for parents
  • Digital empowerment for kids


  • José Roberto Islas Telich

    I had the opportunity to meet Mr. González after being chosen as one of the three innovators to represent Mexico at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, and all I can say is that we are at a time when science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are key pieces for personal, professional and social development and Mr. González is undoubtedly an important asset for these areas for his country. Roberto Islas Telich
    Chief of Administration
    Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations

  • Luis Miguel Martínez Cervantes

    Pedro Antonio has helped us to coordinate projects on community networks and Internet of Things committed to the ideals and objectives of the Internet Society globally. It is important to mention that, as an engineer, his communication skills of digital media and technology have made Pedro one of the most valuable candidates to represent the Mexico Chapter in various events including the Internet Governance Forum and Internet Hall of Fame. Luis Miguel Martínez
    President of the Board of Directors
    Internet Society Mexico Chapter

  • Alberto Muñoz Ubando

    Pedro is an affiliated member to the CANIETI for more than 3 years and his contributions had been satisfactory for our chamber, mainly in the Southeast region of Mexico, promoting an ecosystem of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship for several audiences. Luis Alberto Muñoz Ubando
    Vicepresident of Innovation
    Mexican Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies (CANIETI)

  • Marco Antonio Erosa Cárdenas

    In his position as Innovation Program Manager, he successfully planned and organized over 150 events, most of them related to software development, robotics, multimedia art and design, cybersecurity, innovation and entrepreneurship, reaching more than 3,000 attendants that he achieved to bring to our ecosystem, increasing our community engagement with the academia, government and professional sector. Marco Antonio Erosa
    Chief Executive Officer
    TechGarage Technology Park of Cancun